All The World's A Stage


They are hard times in which we live

And all the World's a stage

And there are bridges being broken

And walls are being made

To cut off our own nose

To spite the face

And all the world's a stage


“Everyone suddenly burst out singing

And I was filled with such delight

As prisoned birds must find in freedom

Winging wildly across the white 

Orchards and dark, green fields

On and on and out of sight”


These words were written

After the war to end all wars

And after fifty years of fighting

We've peace for as many years

Now bridges are being broken

And the walls are being restored


“Everyone's voice was suddenly lifted

Beauty came like the setting sun

My heart was shaken with tears

And horror drifted away

Oh, but everyone was a bird

And the song was wordless

The singing will never be done”



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