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Winter's cold and summer's heat (2020)

We released our third album in Provence!

It contains six mostly new songs from Julia and six songs from Chris, of those two have never been recorded before.

Alexander Simmance did the arrangements once again.

Listen yourselves, and enjoy!

Qui êtes-vous?  (2018)

The Troubadors have released an album of new songs!

Music and words, as always, from Julia and Chris. Andreas Korn plays flute in two songs. This time, the arrangements have been composed by Alexander Simmance.

We are very pleased with the fruits of our work over the cold winter months and hope that you too will enjoy this more modern approach to our music.

Troubadours en Provence (2016)

Chris (music, words, vocals, arrangements and mix) and Julia (music and words of songs 4 and 9, vocals and Violin) used the winter months in Provence for the production of their third Album together. Chris was able to follow his twin passions of singing and arranging whilst Julia could weave her fine melodies with violin and voice. Maybe the "roundest" work of the two Troubadous as yet.

On a Summer´s Day (2013)

Chris (voice, guitar, accordion) and Julia (voice, violin, viola) are supported by three guest musicians: Markus Drescher (double bass), Andreas Korn (flute) and Jonas Völker (percussion).

The music is written by Chris, also the lyrics except two numbers from Shakespeare („Sweet Lovers“ and „Fear no more“). In all, a richly colourful and varied audible treat!

Two Senses         (2010)

After only a few months playing and singing together Julia (violin, voice) and Chris (voice, guitar) produce their first CD. A collection of Chris´ songs and one song from Julia.

The album was recorded live in Tübingen in the Neckarsound Studio by Klaus Langeneckert and mirrors the joy of playing together with a spontaneous charm.

Moving Roots  (2010)

Chris´ latest solo album is arranged under the motto „less is more“.A single guitar and a single voice occasionally embellished by choral work and delicate guitar riffs, the result is satisfyingly, pleasantly lyrical.

Chris´ own songs, recorded in his mobile home and mastered in Tübingen´s Neckarsound Studio.

Colours                 (2014)

Julia´s first solo CD (voice, guitar, violin, viola) was recorded in Augsburg by Attila Tapolczai (guitar & mandoline).

There are three songs in german, one in english and five instrumental pieces, three of which are traditional. Chris plays a supporting role in several pieces with accordion and second voice.