Beggarman And The Boy


And an old beggarman came into the yard

His clothes were torn, his skin was hard

He spoke to me with a gentle smile

Could he drink the water from the well?


I was young and I hadn't a word

Gazing at he who looked so old

Over his shoulder hung a violin

I opened the gate and I let him in


And dance, dance my pretty one

To the rhythm of the wind and sun

Not a tear shall be shed for sadness

Now the beggarman has come


Mother gave him sugar and tea

He was polite as polite can be

She gave him a blanket to keep him warm

The nights were clear and a cold moon shone


As the old man turned his back

She called him again to give him cake

Through his beard came a gentle smile

“Bless you ma'am, God bless your soul”


All this time I hovered outside

Eyes were open, mouth was wide

As the old man passed the well

He slipped me a coin and he bid farewell


Mother gave me questions two

“What did the old man give to you

Did he give you a coin with a silver shine

Did he give you a coin as he passed you by?”


I reached for my pocket, took out the coin

It shone bright in the morning sun

Mother clapped her hands for joy

“Come here my son, you are my boy”


We danced a dance with joyful tears

Away at once fell nine, full years

“Dance, for father's coming home

Coming to his wife and son”



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