Doctor Music 


Went to the doctor as I was ill

He didn’t know what to do

I asked my friends, I asked a healer

She said, „there’s nothing much wrong with you


You know the answer all by yourself

You know the way to your own health

All I can do for you is open up a door

You’ll have to get working if you want more“


I smiled my smile, I thanked her well

Went on my way with a singing in my soul

I had the chance to look at myself and

Understand the worries that had made me feel ill


What can I change then, what is missing

What is healing and what does me harm?

Went to the doctors – doctor music

Doctor dancing and doctor song


Follow the path along the trail

Checking all the turnings, lifting up the veil

Asking lots of questions, weighing up the past

The only real danger is in going too fast


The time is right, the time has come

To trust your feelings and walk with the sun

Believe your doctors – doctor music

Doctor dancing and doctor song    



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