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Sir Francis Bacon had a whole lot to say

He talked of how we seal our fate and fortune

With the tribe, the market place, the theatre and the stage


The tribe, the innate 

I can't do much about it

For I was born this way

The neighbours are my kin 

And the speech within I live

Colours my every day


Ah me, I'm subject to my own images

The tribe, the market place, the theatre and the cave

The tribe I can hardly change

But I can choose the market place

To the theatre no surrender

And I could leave the cave


I can walk around the market place

Take care with whom I talk

The humble and those of noble birth

The opinions that I hear

Will creep into my ears

And slowly start to mould my own thoughts


The theatre is the whole

The sum of the main

How I see the stars and the earth

But look into my cave

If only I were brave enough 

To question all I've learned since my birth



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