Kissed by the Sun


And there were days when we were flying like birds

And the world was eating out of our hands 

And the times we spent, there were always your eyes

Heaven-sent times lying in your arms

Where I will always be warm

Always warm in your care

We shall share the passing of time

Together and anywhere


Times were golden, summer was long

Times were golden, woman and man

Tomes were golden, then we were young

We were kissed by the sun


Midnight, first day of the year

Church bells ringing in my ear

Champagne and kisses, so sweet in the cold

Hopes and wishes, parting with the old

Parting with all of those lies

All of the lies that we told

Parting from the darkness of night

Greeting a new year with hope


Pushing a boy on the swing

I can see how your hips are swaying

And your hair is dancing as leaves in the trees

I cannot be sure, is there sadness in your eyes?

A sadness, for the loss in your heart

The fear of starting anew

A sadness for the memory passed

And of happiness too


Now I am thankful for the world that I know

Thankful, to all my friends and lovers

Who passed through my fields as I harrowed the earth

As my days draw full, I think of never-ending birth

When we were flying like birds

The world eating out of our hands

The times we spent, there were always your eyes

Heaven-sent time in your arms



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