Lady of my Dreams

I met you long ago

One morning in my sleep

You were breathless, full of passion

Then our lips did meet

There was no doubt, there was no guilt

Time was standing still

You were meant for me

And I was meant for you


Lady, lady, lady of my dreams

Lady, lady, lady of my dreams


I drove around at midnight

You were never there

I hung around in coffee bars

Couldn't find you anywhere

For all my restless searching

Didn't see what I had found

In the twinkling of a moment

Your eyes had captured mine


Deception of the light

I could swear you summoned me

So late into the night

On the threshold of a dream

I do not know, I cannot tell

I've chords without a tune

The embassy that I received

I believe it came from you


I saw the oceans in your eyes

The sky above the mountains

Inspiration in disguise

The answers to my questions


You are priestess, you are queen

You are the rising sun

You are the gentle summer breeze

Apon the golden corn

If this is only in my head

And shadows of the night

Then I could marry fantasy

And you would be my wife!

Eradicate the day

Take faith in the night

If I could marry fantasy

Then you would be my wife!


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