Morning Song


Morning is magic when all else is quiet

But birds in the sky full of song out of habit

The perfume of blossom and dew in the grass

Perfume of blossom and dew in the grass

Woken by song and a light from the east

In cutting the grey sky, firing the trees

For a moment though only twixt sky and the fields

A moment though only, the morning at peace


Now is the time to rise out of bed

Steel down the stairs and take the first bread

Before others waken, just you with youself

In a world full of millions, just you with yourself

In ten minutes or more, some other will waken

Join in the morning, the magic is broken

The sky is now grey, there’s a rain in the air

A wind in the trees and a rain in the air


The day will proceed, as all other days

With patterns established with passing of years

Before very long you will yawn and will sigh

Remember your warm bed, ask yourself - why?

Some spirit awoke you this early May day

Gently caressed you, took you away

From idle slumber, from winter’s breath

Gave you a new day with kindness and stealth


Remember the sky, remember the birds

Feel in your bones the rhythm that first

Took a hold on your soul and showed you the world

That was yours for a moment, that was your world



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