Oil And Water


Driving along a wooded road

Sun-roof was open, not a care in the world

What could it be? I thought now

What are those lights? I thought now

What have I seen? It gave me quite a fright


The lights were showing danger,

Of that there was no doubt

I could smell the burning, I could feel the heat

I put my foot on the break


Bring oil and water for my healing

Oil and water for my strength

Oil and water, stop this bleeding

Oil and water, not too late


What could it be?

My car is not so old

I thought, only this morning

Wow, you're sounding good

Now, what could it be?

Almost fresh from the works

Still under guarantee

With the best of looks


It slowly comes to my mind

Maybe I don't take care

I reached for the phone and I called for help

I hope someone is there


Woke up this morning

I had a bad dream

I thought my car had broken down

Not as bad as it seems

I told it to the therapist

I thought she'd have a laugh

She looked at me with steady eyes


She said, “you are that car

You're burning the candle at both ends

You're running out of steam

Take heed of the warnings that you've heard

And trust in your dreams”



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