People Of The Street


Standing on the street, accordion in my hand

In a town where no one knows me

The ones at home don't understand

If there's one thing I've learned, it's who I am!


It seemed as if my life had started almost anew

My mother, bless her soul, took a different point of view

And now I am here to sing for you!



You are the people

You are the ones who count

You are the people of the street

And I know as you pass on

If you've listened to my song

I know if you have heard


I can't call myself a singer, it's just what I like to do

Feel driven by desire and encouraged by a few

How long I will be here is up to you


For you are the people.....


I could tell you of all the places I've played

Of all the mistakes I've made

What you'd really like to know-

Can one live like this? Well, yes and no

And it's never to late to say-


If I would have my time again, I know what I would do

I'd find a quiet corner and I'd hope you'd be there too

For there's no one that counts more than you!



You are the people.....



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