Rainbow and the Moon


I’ll tell you a tale of the rainbow and the moon

In stormy skies are these two lovers seen

When the rainbow smiles with colours of joy

To join with the sun and the rain

She feels the call of the moon

She feels the call of the moon

So listen, oh listen, oh lovers do

To the tale of the rainbow and moon

For the moon is loving but he cannot stray

From his endless journey through time

His power is to pull when the rainbow is full

To reach him, she will always climb


The rainbow wakes with water and with sun

Her suitors are many but she loves only one

Yet when she wakes, her suitors are nearby

The winds, the clouds, they dance her love to buy

She knows the moon is waiting for her

She knows he needs her love


Through years through time, oh often had she thought

To climb the sky to reach his silent hight

And once, not so many years ago she touched his gentle shape

Then quivered in delight, oh, quivered in delight



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