Singer of the Street


When I was a normal working man

I felt my life drifting like the sand

I was still young, the world lay at my feet

Aha, I said to me, be a singer of the street!


Singer, singer of the the street

Singer, singer of the the street


When I sailed the channel cross to France

People on the street began to dance

I’d pennies in my pocket, now if you please

Aha, I said to me, it is a life of ease!


Now I am a family man

I’ve taken to the road in a motor-caravan

Five children, three cats, no dog, my lovely lady-mine

Aha, I say to me, today, I’m feeling fine!


Time ago, this story did begin

Rich, poor, I always sing

If you like to know the message, to you I have to say

Aha, there is no message, I just live from day to day!

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