The Sounds


The sound of love, the sound of life

The sound of people free from strife

The sound of the breeze, the wind in the trees

The sound of the oceans, the sound of the seas

The sound of the people laughing and singing

The sound of friendship, the sound of dance

These are the sounds to which I would listen

The sound of a thousand beating hearts


Oh hear them laugh, hear them cry

Let them live and let them die

Women are bearing, there children are fareing

To struggle and face every day anew, a new

A new life is born, the old is gone

And we follow soon

From death to life, forever the pattern

Mother make my bed soon


Outside I hear the sound of the singers

To bring me tidings of new things to come

Their voice embraces all ages and races

The song is wordless, it has no tune

No rhyme, yet it has time

It pounds, pulsates, it’s rhythm is mine

It sounds a signal to which I will answer

The time has come and a new life is born


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