Thousand Miles


We started on the motorway

Heading South, it was a brand new day

The rain beat on the windscreen

We were happy and on the road again

Elation came when the sun broke through

The rain-clouds we were passing through

The motorway broke into narrow roads

As creative as road building goes


Castles hanging over rocks

Seeet lavender fields, sheep in flocks

Cathedrals, oh so very old

And then there came the olive groves

Stop we did to eat and drink

Change drivers and to shake our feet

Gaze and gasp at the beauty around us

At the snow-capped hills and floral aboundness

It was slowly clear to him and me

Our only aim was to reach the sea!


Maybe I said, „It’s very nice here

Could imagine one day, perhaps next year

To stop at this place and give it some time

With its hills and gorges and plentiful wine

But shall I drive now before it gets dark

There’s a way to go, no place to park?“

He said to me, „No, I’m okay

You’ve been driving almost all the day“


I have not my forefather’s brave

To build a boat and cross the waves

Where is home, where can it be

Is it when we reach the sea

The world is split up into two

The stay-at-homes and me and you

The place we found was almost rough

A spot to park, get water and stuff

Gravel ground, no villas in sight

Bamboo bushes and the stars at night

The sound of the sea was in our ears

We lit a fire and drank our beer

 In the morning when the sun came out

Then we knew what it was all about –


To see the mountains across the bay

And smell the mock orange, anyway

We’d a thousand miles just him and me

And now, at last, we’d reached the sea!

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