Vagabond and Gipsy


Four o’clock, I’ve brushed my teeth but you are not so far

You’re sitting there on your bed still playing my guitar

I took your fingers from the strings and now your hands are free

Your hands, your eyes and your lips, just for me!


You wanted that I stay with you until you fell asleep

Simply lying next to you, just keeping you awake

Our lips they were enclosing, eager to explore

And what we found, we really liked and wanted more!


I give to you this ring, I will give you everything

A vagabond can give to a gipsy queen

I give to you this ring, you will give me anything

Vagabond and gipsy queen


We only kissed, we only touched, we only held each other

We touched each other to the soul, yes as lovers

The early morning birds sang us into dreams

When we awoke our lips were waiting to meet again


In my mind I gave to you long time ago this ring

You gave me one the moment as you touched your violin

The vagabond and the gipsy on a rainy meadow

Together lost, together found, now and forever



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