I can’t get you out of my mind

And you’ve been there one thousand times

You’re clever, you’re sexy and I’m not blind

I felt your eyes searching for mine


We have our past, our history

For some long time, our own story

Show me the lovers in this land

With deeper feelings than we have found


You were in my heart in a split of a second

You were my woman, you are my vision

I don’t know why and I don’t care for questions

There is no answer to this obsession


I prepared you a dish, your favourite one

You brought me wine, it was sweet on the tongue

We sat together, forgot the time

I sang you a song, it was like the wine


We hadn’t forgotten all the fights we had

We hadn’t forgotten all that was bad

We treated each other with respect

We harmonised, we didn’t expect


You said, „it’s hard to go in the middle of night

It’s hard to leave“, but I think we were right

To hold each other a little while

Then we let go, you got into your car


Look, my woman, my pen’s on the page

I’ve found it again, I’ve come out of my cage

You have released me from my prison

You’ve opened my eyes, you are my vision


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