And if there come the singers...

Julia and Chris got to know each other on a rain-soaked meadow in the spring of 2010. It is a Medieval Market, in the valley of the river Murg in the Black Forest, on which Julia is engaged to play the violin. Chris had parked his mobile home on the other side of the river the night before and is enchanted to hear the dancing tones float across the stream.


They quickly discover that they see the world through similar eyes, especially those of a street musician, and it´s not long before they are playing together and touring the towns of southern Germany in Chris´ mobile home. After only a few months they record their first album. Two more follow in as many years.


 With the birth of their daughter in 2012 mobile life continued as a threesome but it slowly became apparent that the time would arrive when the little family would become settled. The simplicity of nomadic life had had its attractions for the two singers and so it took three years till the young family find a home in the south of France. There, in the land of the Troubadours, the now settled „Travelling People“ are to be heard on the village markets between Avignon and Aix-en-Provence, when they are not lingering in Germany for the few pottery markets that they retained.


The songs they sing remain thoughtful and romantic but also mirror the daily life of a street musician in the 21st century.