Julia Simmance

Julia was born and grew up in Augsburg, Germany, and displayed already at an early age a talent for singing and playing music. She received violin lessons, sang in a choir and, with fifteen, taught herself to play the guitar. Despite her fascination for the violin it was not until she was eighteen that she really found her own way to the instrument when she first experienced a Folk-violinist.

At the same time as Julia began to study music therapy in Heidelberg, she also began to play in several bands and to try her luck as a street musician. She wrote the first own songs and, in 2006, set off with rucksack and violin on a six week hitch-hiking and train journey through Germany which was largely financed by street music. A journey of self-discovery.

Returning home, Julia seriously entertained the idea of buying a builder´s caravan but the dream of a mobile home was not yet realisable. Instead, she accepted the post as a music therapist in a big hospital in Nuremberg and as a part-time therapist in two other Bavarian towns. Julia also joined a medieval music group and started to work with a german singer-songwriter. From this moment onwards, music ceased to be a hobby and began to be a source of income.

In 2009, julia turned her back on an ordered life once again and took up with a friend who was planning a trip around the world. She terminated her contracts and sold a large part of her belongings on flea markets. Armed again with violin and rucksack she started her new adventure with a bicycle tour along the river Danube. After a flight across the Atlantic and a four month stay in Mexico, Julia began to run out of money and so returned to Germany in November 2009.

Already before she met up with Chris in the spring of 2010, Julia had decided to work as a freelance musician and to resist the temptation of accepting a permanent post. She took on violin students, played often on the street alone but worked also together with her former groups. As Chris asked her to play on his next CD, nobody could have guessed as to what extent this meeting would change Julia´s life.After a few rehearsals in Augsburg it soon became clear how well the pair harmonised musically and it wasn´t long before they formed the Duo „Travelling People“. There followed the first performances together. On the street and at Craft Fairs throughout southern Germany. The musical partnership developed into a relationship and Julia moved into Chris´ motorhome.

It became more difficult for Julia to continue working with her other groups and so she decides to concentrate completely on that life and work with Chris. Through this and through the birth of their daughter Zara, in the spring of 2012, Julia was able to focus on these things central to her life – master of one´s own time, streetmusic as almost the last chance to be master of one´s own music and in the writing of songs the possibility of expressing everything which, in the big, wide world, moves the soul. At the end of 2013 Julia fulfilled a long-awaited dream: her first solo CD – „Colours“.